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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Miami Performance BBQ Artist Checking In...


Hello BBQ Enthusiasts...

So Bryan here told me about this Blog-thingy about BBQ, and while I'm not too hip to this whole Blogolution... I deffinitely can dish some shizzy-nit about some Q...

Do you Q? How's your Q-Fu?

This upcoming week, me and my BBQ-swat team... including pro-butcher and groumet chef, Chef Ed Turner, and my mac-daddy BBQ consultant, KiloJ, are going to be cookin' up some ScareyQ for 300 college students here in Miami. Next month, 400 construction workers right in downtown Miami.

Did anyone know that you can trace the roots of BBQ back to the native Indians of South Florida... not that humans haven't been cookin' meat on a stick for a gazillion years, just the word comes from Miami, but I'll let Chef Ed explain that when he blogs on board.

In the mean time, if any of you Q-fanatics go to Burning Man, check out our Interactive Performance BBQ art installation called the PlayaQ. A couple pictures and BM 2004 menu are listed below. This year, we cook gourmet Q, in the middle of the fuckin' desert, sometimes in the middle of a blinding dust storm, for about 350 people. We ain't talkin' no backyard, yackety-yack, I know how to grill meat Q... I'm talkin' about "We ain't here to fuck around!"-quality BBQ.

So if you're in Miami, and want to see what real, cutting-edge, and I'm talkin' about Henckels-cutting-edge, Q is all about... drop me a line and we'll throw down some MEAT.

Happy Qin' to all...

The Soss Boss

Photo of The Soss Boss minding the grill.
Photo of the PlayaQ Grill in profile.

PlayaQ 2004 Menu...
BBQ Chicken Wings
BBQ Chicken Breasts
BBQ Chicken Thighs & Legs
BBQ Chicken & Steak Pinchos
BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Dijon Rack of Lamb
Alligator Diablo
Assorted Grilled Vegetables
Honey Lemon Pork Tenderloin
Teriyaki Herb Kobe Shoulder Tender
Hot Italian sausage
Antelope Seasoned Sausage
Elk Huckleberry Sausage
Wild Boar Baby Back Ribs
Ostrich Mango Teriyaki
BBQ Shrimps
BBQ Scallops
Butter & Herb Salmon Fillet
Teriyaki Tuna
Crazy Crazy Soft Shell Crabs
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Herb Vinaigrette Yellow Tail Fillet
BBQ Venison Strip & Ribeye Cuts

(This isn't fuckin' around-man, this is fuckin' Burning Man. - Grill Master Kinski)