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Thursday, October 28, 2004



What do you buy when you're cooking BBQ for 300 college students on Devil's Night?

Let's check the shopping list.

First off, if you're going to go big with your Q... find a Restaurant Depot in your neighborhood. I have to give major props to Jetro Cash & Carry... our wholesale BBQ outlet (well, they do carry other types of food, but who gives a fuck).

40 lb of chicken wings @ $1.19/lb - enough for an army... will be done BBQ and Buffalo... My BBQ partner in Crime, Chef Ed Turner, has some compound Buffalo butter that makes buffalo wings off the grill a piece of cake.

A 5.52 lb Beef Tenderloin 5up N/R, at $8.29/lb, this is good value for steak that will leave your beef lovers offering you sexual favors... heavy on the Wowo & Pepper in this marinade, probably some dry rub. Usually, I'll do a Blue Cheese cream soss with this... but we're talkin' college students, MOST don't have the pallet to truly appreciate a good blue cheese cream soss...

11.7 lbs of Pork Tenderloin @ $3.43/lb (12 tenderloins), we'll be using the 4 Walls of Rayford recipe on this, huge props to Corey Duke, who first introduced me to the 4 walls... lots of butter, tenderizing and lemon pepper make this a grillable to die for...

15.42 lbs of Baby Back Ribs @ $3.65/lb (6 racks), I don't see you getting $3.65/lb at your local supermarket...

10 lbs button mushroom, 10 lbs red peppers & 5 lbs eggplant - There's a lot of fashion students at this school, so you know some of them are going to want to "watch their weight". I can always use work on my veggies... but what true BBQ pimp couldn't...

2 Gallons of Bullseye BBQ Soss (just a base, it will be heavily tweaked), 5 lbs of honey (tweak tweak), 1 Gallon of Italian Dressing (good for veggies and way easy), 40 lbs of charcoal and one case of EZ whip Whip Cream Chargers... for BBQ whip cream surprise... tweak!!!!

So if you can't cook up some serious BBQ with that... you shouldn't be cookin'

Next week... private rustic gourmet at SunQ... details to follow...

And if you want to the recipes for any of this... I ain't got'em... I do everything different every single time, nothing is ever the same... except for the out come...

Happy Q'in

The Soss Boss