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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Organic Chicken and Ribs - the workhorses of BBQ


I ran out of time to smoke my ribs yesterday, but I am doing it now. I have a couple people coming over for dinner, so I decided to do it up.

I went to the Fairway on near Broadway and 74th in Manhattan yesterday. Fairway is always a bitter sweet experience because they have the best selection of organic meats (all kinds and cuts) and produce, but it always CROWDED with people who are so intense that you find yourself wanting to kill someone.

To my pleasant surprise, I found organic Baby-Back ribs! Combine that with the organic chicken I got and I should have enough to feed a small army. If that is not enough, I also picked up an organic Filet Mignon that I can cut up into some nice steaks. We are good to go.

I am going to smoke the ribs, and cook the chicken beer-can style on the grill. I figure about 6 hours for the ribs, and about 2 for the chicken.

I just got the fire going for the smoker. About two hours ago, I pulled the marinating (beer, salt, pomegranate and lemon juices) ribs out of the fridge and died them off. I applied my dry rub and am now letting them sit out while the fire rises to temperature.

I am already hungry!

I will update as the day progresses.