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Monday, October 02, 2006

5th Place Brisket, 9th Place Overall - Oinktoberfest


5th Place Brisket Though we took home no first place trophies this time we did get a ribbon, and we made HUGE improvements overall in our competition scores. Our ribbon was for 5th Place in Brisket! As you know, brisket is often considered the Mt. Everest of BBQ, and a 5th place with the level of competition we faced is pretty damn cool. I am very proud of this achievement. I am also very proud of breaking into the top ten overall with a 9th place finish - most of the people that finished above us have all won a Grand Championship at least once.

This was only our third comp, so I think we are doing well. Need to keep working on it. We keep getting killed on Pork, which is odd since that is what I have been smoking the longest. We ran out of time on them, and had to get them off the smoker early, but I thought it still tasted great. I guess that up North, they just don't like the Vinegar sauce. Time to reassess.

Our chicken made huge strides forward as I tried a new marinade that was much more successful. I also started it much earlier, so that seemed to help.

Our appearance scores are what hurt us the most overall - so that is something we are going to have to explore. If we have better appearance scores on Brisket we might have been in contention for that first place trophy. We got all 8s on Taste and all 9s on Tenderness.

Overall the competition was great and really laid back. George and Linda did a great job, and other than a bit of chaos when it came time to access water and electric, the whole thing came off well. I really enjoyed everything except the 7 hour drive each way.

On a final note, due to circumstances that were entirely my fault, Adam and I were the only ones that could attend the competition and we were only able to bring two of the four smokers we would normally bring. In other words, we placed 9th with only two of us using only two Weber Smokey Mountain smokers. I think that is pretty damn cool.