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Monday, April 16, 2007

Why Can't I Enter Competitions via the Internet?


I understand that a lot of people involved in the World of BBQ are not really interested in the cutting edge of technology and a lot of them don't really utilze the internet for much in thier lives. Half the fun of BBQ for me is that I get away from my computer and can escape for some stolen hours from my normally hyper-connected life. I can meditate on the smoke rolling from my smokers or the flames dancing on the stage of my grill. Anyway, the point is I understand why the BBQ competition community can not be expected, as a whole, to be internet savy.

Still, there is no reason why, in 2007, I still have to print out an HTML page (that is undoubtedly formatted perfectly on it's creators WYSWIG editor, but less so in my browser), fill it out by hand, and then snail-mail it with a check. How about some real-time signup stats? I would love that.

ATTENTION BBQ CONTEST ORGANIZERS: I build websites for a living, and I'm sure we can come to some arrangement that will allow me to help you set up some simple forms that work with PayPal that will make all of ours lives easier.

I love that you work so hard to make these comps come together - with a little bit of investment in technology you could rest a little bit easier at night.

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