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Monday, August 10, 2009

Auspit Seems a Super Cool BBQ Tool


I read this post over on WhiteTrashBBQ and I must say I can't wait to try one out.
It seems a perfect way to do bbq while camping and not being able to take a smoker with you.
Very old school barbacoa over and open pit fire is really fun especially when cooking with a group of people, and the FireTrough is just a great idea when you can't do the open pit. I love it, if it works as advertised (and Robert assures me it does).
Anway check out the Auspit and tell me what you think.

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It works my friend.

Would I lie to a Reverend?

For a hilarious story about a 650 degree Tri-Tip BBQ, check out my post at

I bought one of these things. It's VERY expensive for what it is. I paid about $200.00 with shipping for something worth about $60.00. Several rods and a motor, that's it!

My first cook was a 5 pound chicken. This thing is so flimsy that I had to make a large wooden foot to keep the unit from dumping the chicken into the fire every time it turned over.

On my second try I set the Auspit in the foot (raised so the food would be about 8" above the coals in a Weber Grill) and cooked a pork loin.

The cooked pork was good but nothing special. I could have cooked it on the grill without this contraption.


This is Jonny Rotisserie from Auspit. I realize that you made your post a while ago, but I just came across it. Sorry to hear that our product did not meet your expectations.

I am concerned that you might not have it set up correctly. Auspit has no problems handling up to 18 pounds of food on the spit and I have even had reports of people running it with up to 20 pounds.

If you would like to discuss it, please send me a PM at "info at" with your phone number and I will give you a call.

I see from your blog that you take your Q very seriously and I am impressed with the competitions you all have won. Will you be at the Royal this year? I am thinking about going. I would think think the Auspit would be a great way to have some fun outside overnight while everything else is hidden away in the smokers.

In terms of flavors, if you are only using Auspit over charcoal on your Weber, you would not see any difference in flavor compared to a traditional rotisserie setup. Where you will start to explore new ground in flavors is when you take your Auspit out to a fire pit by one of those beautiful Cape Cod beaches and cook over a wood fire. Here you will get a new experience in terms of the mix of convective & radiant heat and all the smoky goodness. See what you think.

--Jonny Rotisserie