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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

2005 BBQ Schedule


Is this the time of year when you do your christmas shopping and wrap presents?

Maybe... but more importantly, it's time to start planning your major BBQ events.

A proper BBQ can be as simple as a backyard, 10 racks of baby backs and a half kegger, or they can be as complicated as serving 400+ people in the middle of the desert, in the middle of a dust storm.

So without any further smack-talk (don't worry, plenty to follow), I'm announcing the following BBQ mega-events...

April 1, 2004, St. Petersburg, FL... a one night BBQ bonanza. Working title and specifics yet to be determined, but if you're in South FL, or are in search of the best BBQ on the god damn planet, plan to be in the St. Pete Hood on the fool's day... no, this is not a joke.

August 29 - September 5th, PlayaQ 2005, Black Rock City, NV. We'll start taking reservations in January... and it will probably be booked by March... so if you burn AND you Q, don't miss it. You'll never eat so well as you do at the PlayaQ.

The Soss Boss