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Saturday, May 31, 2008

WSM Smoke Day IV


This past weekend was WSM Smoke Day IV and so in the spirit of the event I smoked 4 pork butts on one of my WSMs running with a BBQ Guru DigiQ II.

Rubbed Pork Butts at the start of a 16 hour smoke.

Here are the pork butts at the start of the 16 hour smoke. I had bbq sandwiches that night and then for memorial day I used the pork for pork tacos which all my guests seemed to enjoy.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day


While I am not a big supporter of the decisions that the civilians in charge have made lately, I am a big supporter of the military - especially the families of those serving. I guess I am bit biased, as I grew up in one of those families. I am an Air Force brat - moving around a bunch when I was kid and living in the military structure and culture for the better part of my early development.

Some of my favorite memories are Memorial Day celebrations cooking food and spending time outdoors with family and friends both on base and off of base.

Get outside, cook some food, and enjoy the day. If you see someone in uniform thank them for their service, and if they are with their families thank them for their service as well.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

KCBS Certified Judges Must have KCBS Membership Card


The title kind of says it all but Merl Whitebook posted some new info about Kansas City Barbecue Society rules for certified judges over at the The Virtual Weber Bullet forum. The gist is that you must have your KCBS membership card with you in order to prove that you have a current membership (and, I gather, current dues have been paid.)

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Grillin' on the Bay RESCHEDULED


Grillin' on the Bay has been rescheduled and restored to last year's format. They competition will be only a NEBS-sanctioned grilling comp and will NOT have a KCBS-sanctioned BBQ component.

I wanted to be NYC's first KCBS grand-champion, but I'll have to wait until next year. Hah.

If you can not cook that day, I'll bet they will be looking for judges, so get in touch with them.

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Updates Coming Soon


I have a lot of updates to get to, but don't have time at the moment: they include the story of my BBQ tour to Charleston, SC and back again, my review of Wildwood BBQ that opened last week (go get some pulled pork if you are in the neighborhood), and my updates on the BBQ competition this season.

I will get to them A.S.A.P. so check back later today or tomorrow.