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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reserve Champion, and 3 Other Trophies at Grillin' on the Bay


Despite the temperature and a couple of other issues yesterday at Grillin' on the Bay (New York City's only Grilling competition), we won 4 trophies and a ribbon including Reserve Champion!

We were less than one point away from winning Grand Champion. Congrats to SmokeInDaEye BBQ team. Not only did he win Grand Champion, it was his birthday.

Here are the Grillin' On The Bay results.

BBQ Image

We hit the cycle with a 4th in fish, a 3rd in Chef's Choice (we did Jerk Ribeye), a 2nd in Pork (we did Ribs), and 1st in Chicken. This was by far our best chicken turn-in as far as scores go, including one 9-9-9 and one 9-8-9.

Woot! We were happy with the results, and super-psyched that Robert pulled of the competition despite many set backs. He did a really great job, and every time I see him at one of these comps I realize what a truly nice guy he is and what a big role he is playing in bringing BBQ to NYC. Thanks Robert and thanks St. Mark's for hosting us.

We are not doing anymore comps until October because of scheduling conflicts, so we are happy to let these trophies get us through the summer.

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